The Importance of Waiting Room Appearance

Your waiting room or reception area may say a lot more about you as a doctor that what you do in the examination room. Simple things, like dead fish and dead plants send the message that you don’t care or take time to take proper care of the lives left in your hands. Messy tables and long waits removes any confidence your new patients may have had about you. Take a little time every morning and go through a simple checklist to make sure both you and your office are prepared to see the day’s patients.

Sometimes it takes a little bit more than simple cleaning and organization to make your waiting room ideal for your patients. In this month’s Annals of Long-Term Care, an article discusses how the design of your waiting room can make elderly dementia patients more comfortable and less prone to wandering. From round furniture edges to distinct wall colors and a soothing atmosphere, many smaller details when brought together create the perfect “homy” feel to keep your patients sitting quietly and patiently. For more tips in creating the perfect waiting room, check out the full article here.


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