Dr. Superman

When completing comprehensive geriatric assessments, screening for dementia is one of the most vital exams, however, those types of exams can be very time consuming. The Mini-Mental State Examination alone, for example, can take up to 20 minutes. In an effort to improve the use of clinical resources, a medical team from Japan developed “Dr. Superman”, a 10-minute long comprehensive geriatric assessment. To create Dr. Superman, 90 elderly outpatients were asked questions based on episodic memory and seven domains focusing on orientation, recall, language, calculation, and cognition. The results revealed that the episodic memory question in combination with two domain tests was best for overall assessment; therefore, the question, “What kind of food did you have last night?”, “What year is it?”, and counting down from 100 by sevens makes up the Dr. Superman assessment. More information is available here >>


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